Machine Learning

With more data available than ever before, its never been easier to enrich your own data with the vast and rich wealth of publicly available data sources. But what value is there in simply having this data? The true value is in the insights we are able to gain from this data.

We understand that, and know that in order to gain these insights, we need to be able to explore and experiment to discover hidden patterns and trends. We achieve this through innovative data science and machine learning models, that are not simple generic solutions, but one that are repeatedly refined over numerous training cycles and large varied data sets.

We also know that one solution does not fit all, and that’s why we will always try multiple approaches to give us the most accurate predictive models. Whether it be linear regression, random forests, or complex neural networks, we believe in finding the best solution, rather than simply the easiest.

On top of this, we build our machine learning solutions on the shoulders of giants, namely SciKit Learn and TensorFlow, two powerful data science libraries written in Python which call out to fast C bindings underneath. This means that you’re not only getting our expertise, but that of a huge data science community.

Are you ready to discover what information is really hidden in your data?