Cloud Architecture

As cloud providers continue to innovate and provide additional services each year, the differences between running your applications on traditional servers and being cloud-native has widened considerably. Now more than ever there are a range of different architecture options available to cloud adopters.

Here at Manta Innovations we help you navigate the cloud native landscape and work out which architecture best fits your usage and workflow patterns.

While dedicated servers give us the most well known and traditional architecture, serverless cloud-native solutions reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities and platform outages, enabling you and your developers to focus on delivering value through applications, and greatly ease rolling automated deployment (see our DevOps offerings to learn more).

While architecture design is an important stage for any cloud platform, we don’t stop there. We also believe in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to manage and deploy our architecture designs. Infrastructure as code gives us the benefits of creating and maintaining the same architecture time and time again, and avoiding issues of misconfiguration or undocumented manual processes.

Due to the explosion of cloud services, we feel that Terraform provides the best solution for this, as it additionally allows us to avoid vendor lock in that other solutions such as CloudFormation do not support.

Don’t lose precious time trying to understand your EMR’s from your EC2’s, let us design you a stable and scalable cloud-native platform for your specific use case.