Big Data

Data is everywhere, but it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Data is a tool that can lead to better decisions and strategic business, but often this is hidden away behind walls and barriers, and hard to derive value from. If this sounds familiar then our Big Data solutions could help.

Whether it’s a full datalake built on top of HDFS or Cloud-Native technology, or a custom streaming solution that needs to process millions of messages per day, we’ve done them all, (in fact, read our blog on building a serverless big datalake, which was inspired by work with one of our clients).

Our big data solutions are based around Apache Spark, Hadoop, and cloud-native technology. They often involve Scala, Python, Java, and Terraform to build out both the architecture and application code required.

With our Big Data solutions, we help clients build scalable and safe big data products, using a data-driven approach that prioritises value and quality.