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Joel's experience in designing, programming and delivering ETL processes has been highly respected, and our in-house teams learned greatly from his approach. Terraform build pipelines, gitlab and other open source software, as well as a DevOps mindset seem to come naturally to Joel. I commend him for his passion and energy, and his implementation ideas, which he has always been happy to discuss, in a spirit of mutual mentoring and ongoing learning. Joel has been great to work with and I'd happily work with him again in the future.

Stephan Heitmeyer

Stephan Heitmeyer

Senior Solutions Architect, Reed Business Information

Joel was a great asset to the team bringing a wealth of knowledge on enterprise data, serverless and cloud architectures. Joel could be relied on to provide great advice to the client and the rest of the team. Joel shared their knowledge passionately and articulately which enabled the rest of the team to act with confidence. Joel provided leadership on the implementation of Spark jobs and ETL scripts. Joel is a friendly and approachable person to work with and I will miss working with them.

Freya Juniper-Nine

Freya Juniper-Nine

Solutions Architect, BlackCat Solutions Ltd

Joel is one of the most talented Data Engineers/Consultants I've worked with. His technical capabilities are second to none and his ability to move quickly yet efficiently is very impressive. I know that Joel is very highly regarded within the Data space and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Olivia Ferris

Olivia Ferris

Cloud & Data Analytics Consultant, Venturi

Joel is a highly skilled senior developer, being able to draw on a strong interest in software and data science developed with a lot of work in his own time to further his knowledge. I would describe Joel as extremely helpful - he will go out of his way to assist other members of a team with problems which don't directly involve him, then put in long hours to catch up on his own work. He acts as a mentor to more junior team members, providing guidance and advice. He also leads teams by keeping his knowledge one step ahead. Joel is a pleasure to work with, and a role model for developers.

Matthew Weaver

Matthew Weaver

Director, Weaver Data Solutions

Joel is knowledgeable, articulate, passionate and a pleasure to work with. He was someone that I trusted and looked toward for guidance and advice. He brings integrity and intelligence to his work and I believe his overall presence was a major factor in the success of the project. He remained professional throughout and mentored and integrated new starters with little disruption to the velocity of the project. I would love to work with him again.

Anthony Juniper-Nine

Anthony Juniper-Nine

Director, Juniper Nine Solutions
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